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Reducing the risk of accidents: Navigating the urban jungle should be as safe and stress-free as possible. 🚗 🏙️ For connected vehicles, the solution is simple. Mid-range radar sensors mounted at a car's rear can pinpoint approaching road users such as other cars, cyclists, scooters, and motorcyclists, precisely and in real time — letting the driver or car react to unexpected situations. Learn more:
🚀 Karrierewege bei Bosch: Welcher passt zu dir? Karriere machen? Bei Bosch ist das auf vielen Wegen möglich 🔀ob als Fachexperte, Führungskraft in der Linie oder Führungskraft im Projekt. Erfahre mehr über deine Möglichkeiten: 👉 👈 Franz Lärmer hat die Fachexpertenlaufbahn eingeschlagen. Als Bosch Research Fellow am Forschungscampus Renningen hat er vor allem die Verantwortung, wichtige Forschungsprozesse zu lenken.🔬 Erfahrt mehr über seinen Karriereweg:
Robots are here to help! 🤖 👍 As they become more prevalent in manufacturing, the world of work is set to change for the better — including for disabled workers. A research project conducted by Bosch, Fraunhofer, and ISAK puts inclusion at the forefront, allowing us to learn from severely disabled workers to improve human-machine interactions for the future of work. Learn more:
Do you use your phone for route planning on your travels? 🛣️ 🤔 Our recent survey revealed that nearly 90% of motorcyclists in Germany 🇩🇪 use a smartphone for route planning or during stops. To ensure drivers can do this safely and without distraction, we developed the mySPIN smartphone integration tool. 🏍️ See the solution at INTERMOT Köln 2018: